Business coaching (business consulting) will be the key factor in helping your business break out of your painful slump you’ve been suffering through alone and for no reason. I’ve use my coaching imagination to create a powerful potion packed into a powerful punch that will help you grow your business like a speedy race horse without it being a financial burden on you before you see the incredible results my coaching can crank out for your business.

Once you see how my magical ideas for making business coaching fees disappear, you’ll be excited to get hitched up to the express way to grow your profits now! To grow your business this year is going to force Merchant card services: fantastic rates  for offline to use your imagination (like I did) in a much more dramatic fashion than you did last year. The fact is it’s time to put last year behind you because it wasn’t great at all for a lot of struggling small business owners who were swamp with fear most of the year, but it doesn’t need to be that way for you anymore, unless you want to stay in bondage — in your crippling state of indecision, doubt, and fear.

How to get expert business coaching to grow your business without paying through your nose?

The problem in the world today is everyone is after something for nothing. This is the reason why our economy is sputtering out of steam and companies are not hiring because everyone wants something for nothing. They think by getting before giving is the way to make money in business today.

The magic in my new idea is to bear all the risk of you choosing me as your business coach. My business strategy has always been to give before trying to get. Since this is the absolute truth, I want to make you an irresistible offer.

You can get business coaching growth services for nothing extra out of your pocket each month. Even when your business grows, you still won’t have to pay any more than you’d be paying in credit card processing fees anyhow. I promise if you allow me to be your credit card processor, you’ll get a lower rate or I will match your current rate, and you’ll get  all of the below advanced marketing services gratis.

Making your business grow means:

  • Making your company and your products and services value proposition powerful and unique so your clients have a reason to choose you over every one else.
  • Ensuring your company gains a competitive advantage in the mind of your clients.
  • Increasing your yield from everything you’re doing right now in advertising, marketing and sales, merchandising, and your traffic sources.
  • Building in the intelligence into your processes that puts your marketing on autopilot!
  • Testing. Testing and more testing.
  • And much, much more as you grow your profits!

The sleight of hand here is that I’m combining financial and marketing expertise, as my competitive advantage. . My company is now collaborating with the top marketing expert in the world. You will get access to thousands of dollars worth of his epic training which most small businesses can’t afford, and I’ll help you sift through this world-class marketing and business growth expertise, and apply it to your business. I’ll give you the easy, crystal-clear step-by-step plan of action that’s targeted for you. We’ll try one breakthrough concept or strategy at a time for growing your business until you see 10%, 25%, 50%, and more increase in your monthly profits.

The only thing is we ask you to allow us the privilege of being your credit card processor. Let me prove it to you! Helping you grow consistently, efficiently, and safely is my goal for you this year and beyond. It’s an incredible offer!

Here’s the deal. You get a better merchant card services rate, instant, ongoing monthly access to the top marketing expert in the world who has case studies where he’s helped more than 15 thousand small and midsize businesses to grow, an beyond this, you’ll get a financial and marketing expert in me with no additional cost and risk.

Merchant card services: great rates  for online merchants.If you choose me as your credit card processor representative, then if you want, I’ll spoon feed, narrow down, and deliver you the expert business coaching strategies that will give you the increases in profits you’re looking for right away, so you will start living the vision you had at the beginning when you started your business.

I know you’re busy, and that’s why I’m offering to help you and your team be lazar focused while implementing the best strategies Jay has for you. When you have the time, you and your team can access all of Jay Abraham’s marketing programs: books, live calls, CDs, DVDs, and other trainings at no additional cost to you.

If you don’t already know about Jay, you can Google Jay Abraham to verify how well respected he is in designing marketing solutions that has helped thousands of companies grow over his 30 year career.

Refer a friend and get a commission!

I’ve structured this credit card processing and business coaching growth services program combination so that I can’t win unless you and your business win first. This means that I’m looking for business owners who are committed to making a difference this year in turning your business around and getting your major financial indicators moving in a positive direction.

Let me prove it too you! All you have to do is call me (email if you’d like) and I’ll answer your questions and give you the proof points, so you can evaluate this incredible offer, which will get you back on track to realizing the vision you had when you first began your business.

Wouldn’t that be priceless if you can get the best credit card processing rates now, truly grow your business, get the respect you deserve, and get back to living your vision while your competition spends a good bit of their time complaining in fear of falling and slipping further and further behind?

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Business coaching is about creating a new and unique relationship which you have never ever had in your life. It’s a coaching relationship where you’re challenged and grappled with and confronted and pushed to stretch yourself far beyond what you would do for yourself if you were left alone to your own selfish, egotistical, and powerless habits.

I’m going to attempt to describe this super, powerful force in a few paragraphs. My challenge is it’s like trying to describe color to a blind person who has never had sight. Color is so beautiful, especially when mixed with a sunset or a rainbow and business coaching is one of the most compelling forces for the spirit because it helps you breakthrough your performance barriers.

A business coach can ignite your power to cause superhuman results.A coaching relationship is a potent force that is unequaled in any connection you have ever had professionally, with your family or with your classmates from your alma mater.

Business coaching harnesses your untapped power

Here are 3 super laws that will turn Clark Kent into Superman and make a coaching relationship special and unique than all other connections in your life. They include:

  1. The law of confrontation
  2. The law of leverage
  3. The law of results planning

1. The law of confrontation

The job of a business coach is to say what needs to be said without being hampered by what you may think or how you might react as the client. Because a coach is trained to identify the gap between what you say you want in your life and business and what’s really true about the results you’re getting, a coach will confront you with your true reality and cause you to transform this gap between what you desire and what you actually do.

Transformation can come in different ways, but the key is to get you in touch with your psychology that prevents you from getting what you want. Once you are confronted with this reality, your business coach helps you to craft new strategies to keep the good results you’re currently enjoying and add to it the missing pieces to give you even better overall results.

Business coaching is about strategic problem solving. Your coach will coach you to define and uncover your real problem and design a better solution to get you leverage.

2. The law of leverage

Have you ever wondered why people do things in their life even when it seems to cause them horrible pain? Well the truth is this negative pattern is serving them in some way otherwise they’d change it. You become complacent or stuck because you can’t see the available options for yourself. The sad truth is you even stop searching for a solution because you don’t realize what you’re missing.

This fact is true for business owners, substance abusers, and wife beaters. In the case of leaders, As your business coach, you'll think you have superhuman powers because your results will skyrocket.managers, and business owners, the result is the business or project never really succeeds or it won’t be long before you fail.

Business coaching helps you to get hold of more Superman leverage in your life and business, and when it’s applied properly leverage increases your personal performance exponentially and propels your business performance through the roof.

3. The law of results planning

When you create business plans or life plans based on results instead of goals, and then design the psychological framework of identity, consequences, and rewards into your entire strategic plan, you’ll ignite a superman or superwoman like force for yourself and your business team that’ll defy the odds.

With the powerful combination of the law of confrontation to wake you up from the deep trance you live in on a daily basis, the law of leverage to help you breakthrough your complacency, and the power of planning to magnify and draw on your unshackled psychology every day, business coaching will empower you and your organization to become a commanding force to reckon with.

For more superhuman information on the power of business coaching, you can call or email me.

If you’re interested in having me speak to your organization, I speak on the Power Of Strategic Planning: Leverage Infinite Power For Your Organization.

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Your business development plan should start like romance. If you don’t treat your business development strategy like you would a hot new relationship, then business owners, leaders, and managers will hang-up the phone in your face or they’ll tell you they have another call coming in and can you hold on until you get tired of waiting for them to come back and you’ll hang-on until your ear hurts Business development requires enthusiasm with engaging tonality over the phone  from you pressing the phone up to your ear for hours while you wait there like a fool. You’ll be doomed from the start.

I know what rejection is like because this happened to me a ton until I figured out that I had a very weak signal. I’m going to teach you in just 5 steps how to quickly get onto the same frequency with business owners, leaders, and managers who you want to call on.

Be unique as Wolf Man Jack . You’ve got to amplify your radio waves and build lasting relationships and create warm and cozy feelings between you and leaders and managers who you want to do business with. The first thing business owners, leaders, and managers want to hear from you is what’s in it for me (WII-FM).

5 keys for your business development plan by tuning into radio station WII-FM

If you don’t get tuned into WII-FM right away, then customers and partners will think you’re a jerk. No plan will work if you can’t execute on it no matter how well you’ve carefully crafted your strategy.

You’ve got to find out what drives each person you want to influence at the most basic level in their life. Know what’s in it for them.

5 business development amplifiers:

  1. Are they certainty driven? Are they a person who is driven by fear who avoids any sign of risk? They’re all about survival. You’ve got to ensure them right up front that what you’re offering them carries a low level of risk or you’ve limited that risk.
  2. Are they significance driven? They want everything to be the way they want it. They want to be admired and looked at as being special. It’s a very selfish need that you’ll have to serve. I had a hard time with bending to significance driven people until I got that what’s driving them may be out of their control. Let them have their significance by telling them how great they are and how well they’re doing. That’ll break down their barriers and then they usually will chill out and shift to one of the other basic needs.
  3. Are they connection oriented where they want to share everything with you and want to get everyone else involved? For whatever reason, they’re not getting their need for love and connection met at a high level. You’ve got to take it slow with this person and get to know them and what they’re all about. Make sure you don’t get involved with them on a level where you violate any of your company policies.
  4. Do they like the fact that it’s something new and they’re ready to try it because they’re bored with the way things are going right now? Show them their options if they buy from you or if they enter a joint venture with you and talk about the possibilities of how things can work for them. Share how much money they’ll make or how much they’ll save and how they’ll become a better person because of your offer.
  5. Find out what they want and give it to them. Help them to see how what they want satisfies 2 or more of their basic needs at a very high level: certainty, significance, connection, and variety.

The human factor for wanting to be heard

Business coach Anthony Robins says people will kill themselves if they can’t meet their basic needs. Business coach Anthony Robins preaches business development through service to others. Being clear in your communications is the #1 way to serve others.That’s how serious it is for you to connect with their needs which drive them. You’ve got to get past their resistance and create rapport. They’ll take a liking to you if you serve their needs. Be aware that their needs can shift depending on the context or what’s going on in their life at the time.

Your business development plan will be doomed from the start if it doesn’t include the human side of who you want to do business with. Before you make the first call or approach anyone about buying your product or service or to ask them to collaborate with you to sell more products or services, don’t forget to tune in your radio to their frequency.

From the time you meet a new contact and before you make a request of them, you should be focused on what’s in it for them. You should zero in on what drives them at their core being.

When you focus on what drives business owners, leaders, and managers, your business development execution will have less static and you will have a stronger signal for breaking through their resistance.

I offer free training calls or seminars on the 5 key Signals to business development for associations and groups and business teams. If you’d like more help with amplifying your business development plan to a frequency that can be heard through all the noise from your competition and all the thousands of sales people who call on your customers and partners, call or email me today to schedule your complementary training.

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Positive affirmationssnap your head, heart, and mouth back into place so your body parts work like God planned for them to bring abundance and wealth in your life. Control your loose lips and commit to lapping up positive wealth magnet gospel.

Don’t leave the most important things in your life to chance. Get your knock out punch going like Manny Pacquiao can with both of his hands.  Punch through your negative thoughts, feelings, and words and you’ll manifest what you really want in life. Positive affirmations strike a blow through your negative shell.

Positive affirmations for your daily focus

Manny Pacquiao has a rags to riches story: he uses positive affirmations to boost his inner gameThink of your affirmations like you’re putting on full armor to protect you from your negative self talk and feelings, and all the fiery darts people throw at you.

I read my affirmations out loud every night before going to sleep and it’s the first thing I do when I wake-up in the morning.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to say exactly what I say. Make sure your positive affirmations create a mental attitude which focuses you towards what you truly want to magnify in your life.

Wealth Affirmations:

I am making big leaps to riches.

I am jumping for joy because of my financial freedom.

I am no longer tied to a job because I’m wealthy.

I am taking a stand for wealth in my life.

I take the actions I need to take to become a millionaire.

I invite wealth opportunities into my life right now.

I am worthy of accepting wealth right now.

I flow in abundance & prosperity.

I am happy being wealthy.

I see myself acting on wealth opportunities daily.

I attract quality buyers for my products & services.

I appreciate and notice every opportunity to cause more money to flow into my life.

I enjoy getting paid extremely well for what I do.

I know wealth is easy for me to create.

I deserve to be rich.

I have more than enough money and power.

I manage my personal finances wisely.

I manage my business finances better than the top companies in my industry.

I pay my bills on time.

Wayne Dyer talks about being wealth conscious. What's the mindset wealthy people have?I have more than enough money to take two months off each year and do what I enjoy like travel to my favorite cities.

I have no problems with money.

I am a money magnet.

I deserve to earn the prices I charge my customers.

I bring in big sums of money from what I love doing.

My business growth is positive every month.

I get new customers every week.

I am financially free of money worries.

I am grateful when opportunities come to attract more money into my life.

I am very excited about helping more people live their dreams.

I am very generous with my money for worthy causes.

I am responsible with money.

I save and invest my money in positive ways.

I enjoy my life and I can easily pay for new things I want to do and explore.

I can buy a nice home wherever I want.

I can purchase anything I desire without hesitation.

I earn an excellent income.

I earn great money doing what I love.

I easily afford all that I want and need.

I easily attract all the money I want and need.

I give and receive money with joy.

My savings account gets fatter every month.

I have an unlimited store of money making opportunities at all times.

I am rich with unlimited possibilities.

Green money is always there for me.

Wealth, Ability & Opportunity is mine.

I’m a guy or gal who will kick your but!

Design your own wealth focus list

Wayne Dyer talks about being that which you desire. Make these your own. Use mine if you’d like. Say your positive affirmations out loud with conviction to increase your wealth consciousness.

If you speak your affirmations with intensity and get your body into it while you breathe deeply, you’ll rapidly develop your wealth conscious and it will become an automatic guard against all the negative, fiery punches which your subconscious mind will block for you all day.

Bruce and Sandora: Positive Affirmations Crack Hard Turtle Shells

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If you’ve ever gotten chewed up by a bad commercial loan and you want to avoid the bloody nightmare from getting into a toxic loan, then you want to slurp up every word in this article that lays down the 3 steps to ensure you stay out of boiling hot water from the start.

It’s important to know what the top dangers are today when going for financing because you don’t want to be turned into lean ground beef by any commercial lender traps.

Like during the real estate boom and bust of the  last decade, lenders still structure loan programs which help them make huge profits while you take all the risk.

3 commercial Lender commercial loan traps

Here’re 3 critical steps you need to carefully think through so you avoid the meat grinder to make sure you get a good business loan or commercial mortgage loan.

1. Make sure your lender is an expert. Don’t get fooled by big brand names and fancy buildings. Loan officers who ware expensive Suits and drive tasty foreign cars need you to pay for all of that high priced stuff. You don’t need them.

Avoid the commercial loan meat grinder You shouldn’t work with a green loan officer who doesn’t really understand your business and how to structure your loan terms which fit your unique situation now and in the future. You’ve learned that you’ve got to think past this month before you get a loan because it may be 5 years down the road when it matters. It’s been proven that well known brand names and fancy buildings don’t guarantee banks and commercial loan companies are looking out for your best interests.

2. Select a commercial lender who’s not going to shoot you down and shove you out the door if something about your credit history, business performance, or customer base isn’t perfect. You need a lender who will work with you to iron out any thing which could pop-up and get you on your way to getting your commercial loan for your business or commercial property.

3. You want a lender who won’t stretch out the loan process for the next 6 months because this means they’ll be chewing up more and more of your time during business hours to get them more paperwork or tying you up with filling out pages and pages of forms. Time equals money.

Usually this will be a commercial lender who doesn’t know how to service a company like yours and your unique needs. What this can mean is they’re guessing about how to put your loan request together otherwise it would fly straight through the loan approval committee.

If you’d like to avoid the meat grinder and work with a lender who can get your commercial loan absolutely, exactly right the first time without draining all your mental energy and precious time, call or email me to start the process.  In 15 minutes I’ll ask you straightforward questions to get clear about what you want, I’ll tell you what I need from you, how long it’ll take to get your loan in place, and the date you will have the funds. We’ll work together to iron out any negative thing which might pop-up.

You’ll be able to get back to doing what you do best because I’ll do what I do best and that’s getting you financing to meet your specific needs.

Get my Financing Strategies Report.

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Focus on doing everything you can to change state of mind when fear of failure rushes in because this is the number one thing you need as a small business entrepreneur to get your business to the point where you can join the billion dollar club. You’ll never be accepted in this prestigious, lonely club until you shoot down the psychological fears, frustrations and doubts which pop out of no where to attack you like a hairy, scary monster.

Get real about the big game you’re playing, realize you want to do something that no man or woman has ever done or only a few people ever in the history of the earth have ever done.

Change state of mind like Billy Millls to win your gold metal in businessThe journey can be lonely getting to the top for small business entrepreneurs and it can be psychologically painful getting to the point where you get your invention to market so you can make life better for thousands of everyday people or to help businesses to run more smoothly. It’s enough to deal with your own negative states of mind, but you have to stay positive when your family, friends, and business relationships don’t believe in you, when they say and do nasty things to tare you down, but you have to keep chugging along this lonely entrepreneurial road no matter what.

Successful small business entrepreneurs learn quickly to change state of mind

Every hour 250 new small businesses are started in the U.S. and a year later, 90% of them shut down. If you’re going to be a successful small business entrepreneur, manipulating your emotions on a daily basis is the only way you’ll perform at a high enough level to get past the emotional obstacles which block you.

The one thing most of us want in life is to feel a certain way so we perform at our best. You don’t have to wait until you get some object in your life or some event needs to happen to feel how you need to feel. When you feel powerful, then you perform at your best. It’s your choice to use the gifts God has given you, which are your successful past positive states of mind.

Here are 3 key powerful entrepreneurial coaching tools to change your state of mind at a moment’s notice to better your performance in any situation.

Keys to change state of mind:

  1. Get your body into action
  2. Pick your focus and beliefs
  3. Become a Steven Spielberg who directs the conversation inside your head

Get your body into action

Come on! Use your past successes in your life. Before you make a critical phone call, before you meet with a customer, before you hire any employee and especially a key member of your management team, make sure you’re in a state of mind that fits that situation.

You need to anchor a power move that’ll get you to change your state of mind when you need to do your best. Put the same expression on your face you had at a time when you kicked but. Breathe like you did. Stand the way you stood. Feel the emotions you felt.

Say yes with intensity as you make your power move. Get your body ready to win the gold metal. Come on!

Now you can quickly get into that commanding state of mind anytime just by doing your power move with intensity.

Pick your focus and beliefs

If you believe it’ll go wrong, it will go wrong. Always check in and ask if your focus is right for the task at hand. Your subconscious mind doesn’t care if the thing you give it is real or imagined. It helps you create whatever it is you put mental energy towards to change state of mind: negative or positive. Take advantage of your past wins to create better outcomes now.

Ask yourself: Who do I need to become in this situation? If you’ve never done it before, pick a role model to get you in the state of mind you need to be your best. What would be your role model’s physiology, focus, and mental movie in this situation?

Billy Mills said he won the gold metal in the 1964 Olympics because he had rehearsed winning in his mind a million times before the race began. Billy said he was tired in the last stretch of the race and was trailing his opponents, but when he visualized the movie he had rehearsed over and over, he knew he had already won.

Become the Steven Spielberg who directs your conversation inside your head

Change state of mind by changing your mental movie and be the Spielberg directing your lifeYou are the Steven Spielberg in your life. You have to direct the language you speak. I’m talking about the words you say and the silent conversations you have with yourself.

We all have the ability to rerun or create new movies in our minds about things which have happened in the past and what might happen in the future. Switch to a new mental video which will give you the power to get into the state you need to face the entrepreneurial challenge you need to deal with.

When you change state of mind you will have access to the most powerful tools you need to put you in a mind set to perform at a very high level: the right physiology, a positive focus, and positive affirmations.

For more entrepreneurial coaching to help you stay in a powerful state of mind, call or email me. I specialize in coaching small business entrepreneurs who want to join the billion dollar club.

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Small business growth almost never happens for lazy and satisfied business owners who have it in their thick heads you’ve done all that you can do and that it isn’t possible to do more in your business and the business can’t do even more and get better and better at what you do for your customers, employees, investors, and partners beyond where you are right now. You can always get better and be better.

The problem is you don’t compare your performance against benchmarks because you don’t know McNealy hired me in 1997 as a product marketing manager. Sun adopted Six Sigma and called it Sun Sigma from GE to dial-in indicators but managers didn't listen to the data---politics ruled.exactly what it is your business does and what are the steps that the business takes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to get the results your business achieves: bad or good.

Then no wonder you’re hurting in this economy and take the easy way out by blaming your lack luster results on the crooks, politicians, and banks.

Being falsely optimistic and purely lazy about the future is a sign that you’ve given up and you’re leaving your small business to chance. It surprises me how many small business owners can’t tell you how well they perform in comparison to companies inside their industry and top companies even outside their space in an easy to understand way. I hope you don’t fall into this group, but most fearful small business owners do and especially right now.

5 Small business growth questions you need to continually dial-up

One of my mentors is the business growth guru Jay Abraham. I was reviewing an article of his today and I am compelled to loudly raise the wake-up alarm clock and let you know time is running out for you and that you need to get ready to get out on the other side of the bed and see your business as it truly is today, so you can better see how to lead your company into the future.

Now it is critical for you to know where you are at any point and time in your small business so you can turn the dial to get to where you need to be. Getting control over these 5 key Six Sigma indicators I’m about to throw at you is priority one for you to get a handle on so you know where they are at all times in your business.

Let’s get started. You need to continually question how you spend money in your company and the return you get on each investment. If you don’t, then you’re already asleep at the wheel and headed for a predictable, deadly crash.

Key Six Sigma Indicators:

  1. ROI (Return on Investment)
  2. ROE (Return on Effort)
  3. ROP (Return on People)
  4. ROA (Return on Activity)
  5. ROO (Return on Opportunity)

Dialing in these Six Sigma indicators all can be easy to do once you know what to do. I agree that it takes focus and energy to support small business growth, but when you

Continually measure, monitor, analyze, and improve your business measurements, you will see far better steps that can get you the results you really want.

Here’s a very simple way to see why what I’m saying is hugely important for your business

Look at this simple investing example. If you had $1,000,000 to invest and you could get 3% by investing in one money market and you could get 5%in another with the same level of risk and let’s say you could get 8% in another investment with similar risk.  Would you be happy with making the 3% return if there was some way you could get double that with pretty much the same level of risk taking? No. You wouldn’t if you were focused on small business growth and truly cared about your customers, employees, investors, and partners.

As a small business owner, you’ve got to think this same way in growing your small business for yourself, your company, and your capital, to get the highest and best return possible at all times.

Now it’s almost impossible for you to get the best return you can on your investments if you don’t first develop monitoring and measurement systems, and you don’t carefully analyze, review, expose and know where your existing performance indicators are on the performance dial while you compare the alternatives against all the different ways you could be applying your resources: financial, intellectual capital, time, and people.

It all sounds so simple, right? For sure. Then you need to realize this, each step up in improvement for any one of these Six Sigma indicators can add a 20%, 40%, or 200% or more increased return to that area of your business.

The age old problem for you and thousands of other small business owners is information not acted on is a waste. If you’re ready to act and want to find out how you can create these measuring, monitoring, and analysis systems in your company for exponential small business growth, then call me or email me to set aside time for you and I to review how you can get serious about getting better and better at what you do in your business for your customers, employees, investors, and partners.

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Business financial planning is needed to keep business owners out of the line of business liability fire which could wipe away all of your hard work and profits you’ve slaved for and long nights you spent in the foxhole battling against poor cash flow and fighting to get your business through the start-up phase.

You need to make sure you’ve covered your whole legal backside because if you don’t, you could end-up
Financial planning is like war planning and being prepared for any surprisewith a bullet in your pocket book once you’ve gotten yourself into deep dodo.

Leaving your business open to liability is one of the key legal shots to shield yourself against. There are others for sure, but this is one legal risk you shouldn’t ignore for one split second.

Are you sure about the dangers that lurk right now in your business? Not protecting your backside at the start of your business from hungry attorneys, business and financial risks, and other unidentified liability problems that could shoot you in the foot later on in business is really being stupid.

Financial planning keeps you alive like a bullet proof vest

Your financial planner will dig through your financial documents and business processes, looking for areas of business liability that need to be tackled head on. You should expect lots of hard shooting questions from your planner that are meant to get to the bottom of your daily activities that leave you open to legal responsibility.

Thorough liability planning also looks at all of your business assets like cash, equipment, and property and how they’re used and who in your business uses them. I’d also walk around your place snuffing out any legal threats which may not be so obvious. Going out into the field and scouting out what goes on in your field operations shouldn’t be over looked either.

This financial planning analysis discovery process helps you get a handle on areas where you are open to liability which could crush your business and blast through your personal assets like your home and other property you own.

Solutions for lowering risks and shielding you from threats

The obvious way to protect your business and personal assets is getting a business liability insurance policy. They come in all sizes and shapes, depending on your specific needs. The cost of your liability policy will depend on:

  1. Your industry
  2. Your location (on or off premises)
  3. Whether you’re a products or services company
  4. The type of equipment you use
  5. Prior historical claims

Make sure you really get what your business liability insurance policy does cover and what it doesn’t guard you from. Liability insurance is great, but your financial planner can help you to design and A financial planner helps you prosecute your battles against liability lossesstructure how you run your business in such a way that minimizes your exposure to threats that your liability policy won’t cover, which could kill you personally and your business permanently.

If you ambush your risks through business financial planning right now, you may be able to save yourself thousands of dollars each year from now on and lower the cost of liability insurance and hit the bull’s eye by lowering the overall threats to your business through designing risk free business practices and adopting legal structures that can shield you from lawsuits.

Call me or email me today to find out more about how business financial planning can shield your business and personal assets from future liability losses.

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Starting a blog is like having long hot sex because it’ll be very bumpy and like a rollercoaster until you get smooth at it and start making love to your Internet traffic 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You may be a newbie at the blogging game, but you’re never too old to learn.

One of my favorite Whitney Houston songs is “Love Is A Contact Sport.” The song went on to say “you’ve got to move in time. You’ve got to play the game.” Getting a blog up for growing a business or organization is the most important thing you can do to woo interested lovers of your products and Starting a blog would grow your business and avoid  a failed career or businessservices, and get cheap date exposure for your expertise.

The longer you wait, the harder it’ll be in the future to attract new romances and grow your business online with prospects because your competition will have taken them under their wing.

Starting a blog is easy as ABC

The reason creating your blog is easy as ABC is because new website building software systems make it easy. WordPress is the best blogging and most popular software for setting up a blog.

The advantages of WordPress include:

  1. Install with a few clicks of your mouse and a steady hand.
  2. Pick the look and feel of your sexy blog by picking a free theme (blog design) or you can purchase a premium theme, which will be easy to change to include your own logo and other pictures and graphics.
  3. Insert audios and videos right onto your blog with a couple clicks of your sleek mouse. People want to get to know you, like you, and trust you before they get seriously involved.
  4. Dress-up your sexy blog with new pages (which look like WebPages) and posts which are articles you write giving your audience relevant information so they get to know you and the benefits they’ll get by hooking up with you.
  5. Get love and free traffic every day from search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

When starting a blog, you could be receiving new customer dates the same day you write your first blog post (article). You focus your articles on a single keyword which is what people who search on Google or Yahoo for information in your market want.

How to start a hot and dynamic blog

Here’s why a blog is so powerful that’s built on the muscle of WordPress. You can add new software Starting a blog could produce a box office hit for your business or career like Angelina Jolie's film successesto get your blog to provide all kinds of functionality that you would in the past had to pay a grumpy software developer thousands of dollars to get it to do what you wanted, and it never worked like you imagined it should. Now you have full control.

Here’s a short list of software for starting a blog you could add to your rollout of WordPress with a flip of your wrist:

  1. Put on social media Like and Tweet buttons to link your blog to Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Turn your blog into a membership site where you can require password access to your valuable content.
  3. Add sign-up forms on your blog to capture leads so you can send them email blasts for product offers and newsletters.
  4. Send your blog articles automatically to social media sites as soon as you publish a new article.
  5. Search for more than 11000 more install in one minute software packages to make your blog what you want it to be.

Starting a blog is really much easier than starting a new love affair because you can make your blog be what you want it to be and reshape it over time to change as you and your business grow old together.

Call or email me to find out more about how setting up a blog could be the number one thing you should be doing right now to grow your business.

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Dear Business Owner:

I know you’ve been thinking about business coaching and moving up to a more advantageous position in your business or professional life.

I share the awareness of what a positive impact and how much of an improvement and enrichment doing that can mean to you. That’s why I’m writing this letter.

I’ve made arrangements for you to try out business coaching at a time that’s convenient for you without risk or obligation. Why am I doing this? One simple


In my opinion, you can’t possibly know the benefits you can bring to your life through optimizing your Steve Jobs the ultimate business coach and visionary for Applebusiness with business coaching unless

you check it out.

I don’t think you should have to decide anything until you first experience for yourself how beneficial coaching will be. So, I want you to let me take the risk for a change. That’s right!

Everybody else says, Give us your money. I’m saying, do the opposite. Let me allow you to evaluate what I can do before you hire me to be your coach!

Scheduling business coaching

Email me right now with a few dates and times when you’ll be able to roll-up your sleeves and really take a look at where you want to go or what you’d like to become. Put “business coaching” in the subject line. Then I will help you create the best strategy to reach your business goals and coach you to win the game.

Remember, coaching is about stretching beyond where you are today. It’s about possibility thinking. That’s the key to optimizing your business for accelerated profits.

Donald R. Hunter, MBA

Business Coach

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